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  Healthy Aging Program

The elderly overwhelmingly want to remain in their own homes, as independent as possible for as long as possible.  They worry about health problems and physical changes, and once comfortable homes that suddenly seem unmanageable or unsafe.  The greatest concern for seniors and their family is whether they will be able to continue life at home on their own.

The Healthy Aging Program meets the need for a program that maximizes an individual’s ability to manage the tasks of daily living and experience a good quality of life.  Minimizing unsafe elements in the home; maintaining strength, flexibility, humor and one’s overall health; managing physical limitations – these are the key factors that reduce institutionalization and enable the independent community living so desired by older adults.

Healthy Aging Program has the following goals

  Promote healthy aging through prevention
  Minimize unsafe elements in the home
  Maintain overall health, strength, flexibility, and humor
  Prevent isolation and promote community involvement
  Maintain independent living
  Maximize quality of life
  An important aspect of the Healthy Aging Program is The Volunteer Program which organizes volunteers ranging in age from 9 to 90 to provide services such as appointment escorts, friendly visits and administrative support for our programs.
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